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The sun shines all year round for free!

Vast quantities of pure en-ergy: inexhaustible, environ-mentally friendly and free.


Environmentally friendly

A solar system saves a single household a tonne of CO2 each year.


Security of supply

Independent, decentralised heat supply: use solar ener-gy to make yourself inde-pendent of ever-increasing energy prices and fossil energy sources.


Energy saving

TiSUN® solar systems can cover up to 85% of the ener-gy needed in the form of hot water and heating.


Research and development

Our in-house research department invests its knowledge and know-how in developing new products and increasing the efficiency of our whole products range.


Qality comes first

As one of the most modern production facilities in Euro-pe with numerous awards, quality seals and its own patents, TiSUN® can provide the optimum solution for each requirement.


Added value

97% of all the materials and components used in our products come from the Eu-ropean value-added chain.


TiSUN® – Your partner

Whether for a small family home or a 5-star hotel, new build or retrofit, commercial or industrial or even leasure facilities – we are the right partner.





The new Plug & Flow module collector (PFM) sets is the new benchmark thanks to its aesthetic design and flexibility during installation and use.

The collector‘s state-of-the-art production technology and optimised product credentials are impressive (e.g. reduced overall height, watertight frame construction achieved using CMT welding, pane bonding).

The new connection technology and availability in 6 formats make the PFM ideal for use in virtually all use cases.A new hydraulic connection system enables up to 10 collec-tors, depending on the format, to be interconnected to form one array. The PFM is suitable for in-roof and on-roof installa-tion, as well as outdoor installation.



TiSUN® has developed intelligent, complete packages for operation and control of the whole solar thermal system. TiSUN® solar stations enable convenient energy management for many years. What condition is my system in? Is it efficient? A press of a button is all that‘s needed – and you have the answer. Collector performance is measured continuously, in order to transport the maximum energy into the storage unit and complex software in the background ensures optimum energy balance around-the-clock. You can also intervene immediately and control the parameters.Our innovative solar controls store the data in several language versions and can be used in all kinds of different solar and heating systems. With the new TiSUN® web modules you can access the controls from anywhere in the world.



Whereas the collector captures the sun’s rays and converts them into heat, it is the solar cylinder’s job to collect the hot water. A household’s domestic hot water and heating system is fed by these reserves. ‘Gravitational stratifi cation’ is a functional principle and a major advantage of the TiSUN® stratifi ed cylinder. It makes the water available at diff erent temperatures: from approx. 60 °C at the very top (hot water rises) to approx. 20 °C at the very bottom (cold water sinks). This stratified charging principle makes it possible to optimally use, even in very brief periods of sunshine: Half an hour of sunshine equates to a shower TiSUN® solar cylinder systems are compatible with all common heating systems. Space-saving construction, simple installation, modern design and high effi ciency make these the ideal solution for sustainable energy savings. This allows us to take a hot shower even when the sun isn’t shining.


Even a small solar system supplies more than 70% of the hot water required throughout the year. TiSUN® provides optimally configured sets for you. . Perfectly matched products that are robust in design and made from high-quality materials will ensure a long life. Whether used for showering, heating or cooling with the
TiSUN® solar sets you quickly have an energy-saving and efficient solution in your home.





ÁUSTRIA|Tirol – Land of mountains. A place of breathtaking beauty, powerful forces of nature and an excellent quality of life. … And amongst all of this,

a company that has developed state-of-the-art solar systems for more than 25 years and supplies the entire world with clean solar energy: TiSUN®.

A name that brings together seeming opposites: patriotism and high-tech, tradition and future, pragmatism and innova-tion. TiSUN® produces cutting-edge technology for the harsh world around us. With solar systems that shine in all climate zones – even in the most extreme conditions, it’s no wonder that our export rate is 80%. Throughout Europe, 90 emplo-yees guarantee the highest quality while 60 retail partners handle global sales.

Thanks to years of experience in solar-thermal energy conversion and its continuous research and development, TiSUN® has well-engineered and effective products. Our in-house research department also invests its knowledge and know-how in the development of new products, which enables TiSUN® to push ahead with our brand objective: to convince the world of the best energy source of all – the sun.






The sun shines all year round for free! – Sustainability in its purest form!  Vast quantities of pure energy: inexhaustible, environmentallyfriendly and free.With a low-maintenance solar system from TiSUN®, you are investing in complete security of supply – and thus in your independence from fossil fuels.




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